Tjibbe Joustra leads the Committee Investigating Intercounty Adoption in the past

The committee that investigates the role and responsibility of the Dutch government with repsect to the intercounry adoption of children in, at a minimum, the period between 1967 and 1998 is headed by Mr. Tjibbe Joustra.  The committee also consists of the members Mrs. Prof. Dr. Beatrice de Graaf and Mr. Bert-Jan Houtzagers.

The committee will start on 1 May a.s. and will publish its report by 1 October 2020 at the latest.  The subject of research is at least the period 1967 to 1998. As a starting point at least the following countries will be investigated: Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.  The committee sets up an extensive research secretariat, can carry out specific research assignments for scientists, has access to all information present at the departments involved and can hear (former) officials.  The committee secretariat carries out its activities outside and apart from the Ministry of Justice and Security.  In addition to the committee and the secretariat, an external supervisory committee will also be established with experts and (experience) experts.  The committee concludes the investigation with a report that is presented to the Minister for Legal Protection.

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